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Medical Interpreters
TODO: Questions to be filled in, who/what/when/where/why/how.
Here is a simple program that record/playback what was recorded on the client's machine through an applet.
  • Sound Test

  • tmrs
    tmrs stands for tiger map routing service. One can click the links below to read more about this project and to get the lastest version.
  • project on sourceforge
  • download

  • Here is a simple program that one can run from their browser and one can also download this frontend(which includes the latest tmrs) also.
  • webtmrs
  • download

  • rubik's cube
    This is a link to the -> rubik's cube which started at usf. The hope here is to extend the 3d cube to 4d and to 5d. Future work also may include converting this to a java applet. Also, one to create a larger table for another side cubie. And to also implement a bidirectional table, that is going backwards from the goal state.

    biometrics for images
  • Created a Java Test Application with the Eclipse IDE for processing images.
  • Implementing the software lead's rendition of uniquely identifying( fingerprinting ) images. These 'fingerprints' will be stored in a database and will be used for faster searches of similar images. This classification is one metric in identifying images.
  • Implemented a the Java's TreeMap for log(n) searches.
  • Future enhancements include creating a web crawler to collect images over the internet.

  • St Martins
  • A website to help those whom would like to become or learn more about the catholic faith.
  • Check out the website!

  • tests
  • SimpleBanner
  • GearsApplet