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This program is based on a paper by Richard E. Korf entitled "finding optimal solutions to rubik's cube using pattern databases." Dr. Fink at the University of South Florida was instrumental in clarifying some aspects of Dr. Korf's paper and in suggesting methods in developing the databases. The graphics were implemented by using calls to opengl API functions.

client( windows98 platform )
The client will run a windows platform. The code compiles using "visual studio 6.0" or with "visual 2005 c++ express edition". Note: only the client code allows the user to build their tables, but their memory requirements are high.
  • cube.exe( 132kB ) <- try this 1st

  • server( unix/linux platform )
    The server is NOT required to run the cube program. A server already exists at This code will generate a server for those who want to venture out on their own. When running the server, 3 tables are required. For now, only the client code will generate the 3 tables that are needed to run the server. Then one just needs to download the 3 tables into a directory called "/tables/". The tables.cpp code will clarify the placement of the tables.